DC faculty, staff fighting to be the 'Biggest Loser'

Thirty-four losers on the Drew Central campus are battling it out to be the Biggest Loser. The competition began Jan. 16 and the final weigh-in for the competition will be March 13, with the winners being announced on March 15.

Kayla Middleton, coordinated school health director at Drew Central, said the competition is about promoting staff wellness, and having a healthy body weight is important to total wellness.

Instead of charging a larger fee to join and the winners getting the money, Middleton decided to have wellness prize packages.

"We wanted to attract more people to the program so we decided to charge a smaller fee of $10 but offer wellness packages from sponsors to the winners," Middleton said.

Middleton said there a total of eight teams competing in the contest: two teams from the elementary; three middle school teams; two high school teams; and one team made up of the maintenance, cafeteria, and administration staff.

"The combined weight for all the competitors was 7,113.8 pounds," Middleton said. "That's an average of 209.2 pounds per person."

The first and second place and the team awards will be given by percentage loss. However, the third place will be awarded to the person who loses the most pounds.

"This way was can reward by percentage and by the most pounds lost," Middleton said.

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

• First place winner will receive 90 percent of the entry fees collected; a two-night stay at the UAM Trotter House with two breakfast meals included; full facial treatment from Margaret's Hair Academy; 30 minute massage; and full lipids profile from Drew Memorial Hospital, a $100 value.

•Second place winner will receive three month gym membership from the Monticello Athletic Club; 10 visits to Sun Country tanning salon; manicure and pedicure from Margaret's Hair Academy; prize package from the Arkansas Department of Health; and  full lipids profile from Drew Memorial Hospital, a $100 value.

• Third place winner will receive a three month gym membership to Monticello Athletic Club; hair cut at Margaret's Hair Academy; prize package from the Arkansas Department of Health; full lipids profile from Drew Memorial Hospital, a $100 value.

The winning team will receive a Subway lunch, which is paid for by through 10 percent of the entry fee for the competition.

Middleton said in addition to being weighed on Jan. 16 as part of the competition, each participant's blood pressure was taken, and will be retaken on the last weigh-in date.

"We are trying to show that proper diet and exercise does affect blood pressure," Middleton said. "Participants can come to my office to have their blood pressure checked any time during the competition as well."

Middleton said the blood pressure testing equipment was made available to us by Drew H.E.A.L.T.H. Coalition.

Middleton said she is excited about the competition, and wants to thank every business who sponsored items in the prize packages because they were donated at no cost to the school.

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