Monticello resident arrested, accused of sexual assault on 3-year old girl

A Monticello man who was working in a home in Fordyce installing a satellite for DISH earlier this month has been arrested and charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 3-year old girl.

According to Investigator Josh   McMullen from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, Jason Donaldson, 33, of Monticello was identified by the 3-year old after telling her grandmother of the inappropriate actions.

“Three children and their grandmother were at the home at the time of the incident,” the investigator said. “The 3-year old was the only one in the room where Donaldson was working and accused him of grabbing her hand and making her ‘touch his boy parts’.

Shortly after the incident, the girl told her grandmother what had occurred and the authorities were contacted.

According to the official report, the girl told both her grandmother, who was doing laundry during the time of the alleged incident, and investigators that she told Donaldson that she didn’t want to do that because “it was mean”.

At the point that the girl told her grandmother, Donaldson was quoted in saying “What did she say?”

As the investigation into the alleged assault continued, the girl used paper drawings of the human body to demonstrate what took place in that room alone with the man. She also told authorities that “she was made to touch him over his clothes”.

Donaldson was placed under arrest on charges of second degree sexual assault and transported to the Dallas County jail. It is unclear at this time if bail has been set in this case.

Jason Donaldson


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