American Legion celebrates 100th anniversary of helping

On March 15, 1919 in Paris, the first meeting that would form the American Legion was held. Just four months later, American Legion Post 2, Monticello was born, sharing the 100th anniversary of the Legion.

The Legion has helped to shape the benefits of the American military and legions of veterans and has promoted patriotism in the United States.  After selecting a temporary name and executive board, the American Legion was born.

“They were to promote an organization which would not take form until the following November. They had no funds whatever, no office, no staff, no literature. They had been named the temporary executives of a great idea,” Richard Seelye Jones said in 1946 in “A History of the American Legion.”

That great idea was further cemented as the year of 1919 marched on with a caucus held on May 8 on U.S. soil in St. Louis, followed by the first issue of the American Legion Weekly on July 4 and the legion being chartered by Congress on September 16.


Read the entire article and find out about the Monticello Post's 100th birthday dinner in this week's Advance-Monticellonian—out now!

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