Berryman sworn in as Fire Marshal

Name: Kyle Berryman

Married to Katie with 3 children 

Graduated Monticello High School 

2007-2011 Monticello Firefirghter

2011-2013 Monticello Police Officer

2013-2017 10th Judicial Drug Task Force

I feel like this job is important to ensure homeowners are getting the best job they can get for what they are paying for. This job is ensuring that if someone pays $1,000 for something that is the best $1,000 they can get. That they are not just spending it for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. I also feel that for anyone that has to come in behind them, whether it is ambulance, police, fire, whoever else has to come to that building, that they are safe while they are there because it was built correctly. Whether it be an apartment building or Wal-Mart. We know we are not walking into a disaster that is waiting to happen.

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