City clarifies bulk pick-up procedures, policies

For many in Monticello, free bulk pick up for trash has been available since they remember. The resolution outlining the service was passed in the 1980's but over time, policies and procedures for the service have been forgotten or ignored. The City of Monticello would like to remind residents of the resolution and the rules in place for the service, that is offered as a courtesy to Monticello citizens.
The resolution, Resolution number 87-6, is entitled "A resolution providing for special residential pick-ups by the solid waste management system of the city of Monticello, Arkansas." The resolution lays out that, the City will make special pick-ups within Monticello of solid waste which "cannot be feasibly packaged in plastic bags of the 30-gallon capacity size," according to the resolution.
The resolution continues by laying out the conditions placed on the service as follows:
    •    Persons desiring to have the City make a special pick-up must contact City hall sufficiently in advance of the pick-up date, either in person or by telephone, and give their name, address and the type of solid waste to be picked up.
    •    The solid waste involved in the special pick up must be placed on the curb line adjacent to the residential unit involved or at such place the City may designate, no later than 7:30 a.m. on the particular Wednesday the special pick-up is to be made.
    •    Tree limbs and brush involved in a special pick up must be cut in pieces, not to exceed six feet in length, and be bundled and tied.
    •    The City reserves the right to forgo special pick-ups on any particular Wednesday and to reject any solid waste deemed by the Mayor or representative to be inappropriate or undue burden
As a reminder, tires and chemicals can not be picked up. Tires can be taken by the citizen to the transfer station.
To schedule a bulk pick-up, call CIty Hall at 870-367-4400.

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