Courthouse reopens with restrictions

The Honorable Judge Bynum Gibson presided over court Tuesday, May 26, as the Drew County Courthouse opened back up to the public with some restrictions. 
Defendants were brought to the court room with no more than two allowed inside at a time. Temperatures were taken as anyone entered the courthouse to attend hearings. 
Russ Langley, accused of possessing computer child pornography, appeared for his first hearing entered a not guilty plea by way of attorney Tim Leonard and has his next appearance scheduled for July 6. 
The Courthouse also asked anyone entering the building to please stay out of the building if they are experiencing flu like symptoms, to include coughing, fever, runny nose, etc. with a reminder most payments can still be made by mail, by phone or left pin the drop boxes outside of the courthouse.
If there are any questions, call the Courthouse at 870-460-6200.

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