Geologist: Drain Lake Monticello

The last engineer didn’t do any borings when they did their analysis, which makes no sense. It was basically just a survey of the dam, filling in holes and putting a Band-Aid on the problem.” — Walt MacPhee, Atoka, Inc. geologist

Boaters on Lake Monticello were greeted by a sign this weekend warning them to boat at their own risk due to problems discovered along the Hunger Run Dam last week. Light was shed on the potential problem of the dam and levee Tuesday night at the Monticello City Council meeting by Atoka, Inc. of Hot Springs, one of the four engineer firms that have been called in to evaluate the dam and make recommendations for what to do to fix the problems.

The recommendations may have a silver lining for the fisherman who wanted the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to fix the complication of the invasive Yellow Bass in the lake and keep Lake Monticello as a prize bass lake, if the AGFC agrees.


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