Monticello discovers water leaks, warns of reduced water pressure

Monticello Water Department has discovered two large leaks in the water system, one on the Selma System and one on the Lacy/Ladelle System, according to Monticello Mayor Paige Chase. The City of Monticello is currently working on the leaks and some citizens may experienced reduced water pressure.

"They are working on helping them get those fixed now," said Mayor Paige Chase in a statement. "Those two systems will have their pressure reduced a lot in order for our system to recoup and make it easier to fix the leaks."

The City of Monticello posted on it's Facebook page that the city was searching for possible leaks in the system earlier in the day. In the statement released by the City, Chase reported the City had been out searching for leaks since this morning and now that they had been found, the CIty would begin fixing the leaks.

"Expect your pressure to be reduced," stated Chase in the release. "If you can refrain from doing household chores that will help us build up pressure."

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