Park's commission discusses '20 plans

An unusual January meeting was held of the Parks Commission Monday, Jan. 6 at the Sadie Johnson Memorial Building. Unusual because the Commission doesn’t normally meet in January but there were several things that needed to be discussed before the City Council meeting in January.

The first item on the agenda was the Superintendent report which was given by Gerald Shepard who told the commission they would finish up on the William Tucker field within two or three weeks and then move on to the Monticello Sports complex where they will begin working on the Girls’ fields 1 and 5 dugout tops. 

The financial report was not ready in time for the meeting so the commission moved on to the skate park where they were told the installation would not be able to be started at least Spring, whenever weather permits the work to be done. 

Next discussed was the Frisby Golf Course that will be set up at Lake Monticello. Locations were discussed and it was decided that consultation would need to be made with the master planning group, NWA Trailblazers, for the bike and walking trail to make sure both activities can co-exist in the same area without one disrupting the other. The baskets have been found and will be purchased from an Arkansas company but will not be purchased until a location for the course has been decided on. The masterplan will not be ready until April first. 

Also discussed was the Bike Trail which was also discussed in the planning commission meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 7 and will be discussed again at the City Council meeting on Jan. 28. Added to the funds available to the trail is a donor pledge of $1,000 per mile of trail built. 

In new business, one bid for the pool repair was received. It was received by Burton Pool and Spas for the plumbing and concrete work needed to repair the pool. The bid was for $51, 268.93. It was motioned and passed to move to accept the bid and propose the bid to the City Council during their normal January meeting. 

Before the meeting was adjourned BJ Jackson asked the commission how much money had spent on the current trail at the Lake and asked to discuss that along with any proposals before more money is spent on the trail in an attempt to not spend money that will not have lasting impact. 

The next parks commission meeting will be Feb. 3 at 6 p.m. inside the Sadie Johnson Community Center.

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