Two charged separately; theft at DC tournament

Two Monticello residents have been charged with breaking or entering and theft of property from the Drew Central Concession stand during a basketball tournament held at the end of February. Drew Central employee, April Irons, 35, and parent volunteer Steven Stain, 50, have been charged separately, in unrelated incidents that occurred the same nights.
According to documents from the Arkansas State Police and Drew County Sheriff’s Department, a surveillance video camera was placed in the concession stand on Friday, February 28 and Saturday, February 29, based on belief by the school that Irons had taken money from the concession stand. While reviewing the footage, Drew County Sheriff’s Deputies observed Irons taking money from the concession stand and placing it in her pocket but they also observed Stain, who was a Drew County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Deputy at the time and is the Drew County Office of Emergency Management Director, also take money from the concession stand and place it in his pocket. When Stain was observed putting money in his pocket in the video, DCSO contacted the Arkansas State Police and asked them to step in to investigate Stain due to Stain’s connection to the DCSO.
“After reviewing the footage we asked for an independent investigation by the State Police on Stain,” said Gober.
Stain was removed from the auxiliary, according to Gober, who also stated he requested the investigation by the State Police and removed Stain from the auxiliary to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest or impropriety in the investigation. 
According to Drew County Judge Robert Akin, Stain will remain as director of the Office of Emergency Management.
“In our legal system everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” said Akin. “Stain will remain in his position.”
Irons, who worked on the Drew Central School campus as a paraprofessional for the pre-school program, also worked as the manager for the concession stand. Irons was relieved of her position in March before the pandemic shut down the schools. According to the Affidavit for Warrant of Arrest, Irons was found with $500, including two $100 marked bills that had been placed with the cash by school officials, in her pocket the night of Saturday, Feb. 29. She also stated she had taken $200 on Friday, Feb. 28 and $350 on the afternoon of Feb. 29.
Stain is accused of taking $1,068 over the course of two nights.
Irons and Stain both have plead not guilty to their charges and have separate omnibus hearings scheduled for Monday, Aug. 17.
Irons, Stain and both of their attorneys were contacted for this story; all had no comment at this time. 

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