We are getting through this together as a City

by Mayor Paige Chase
Greetings, Monticellonians. I hope you are finding safe and creative ways to make it through during this unprecedented time. 
I would like to send out a sincere thank you to all of the contractors and citizens who have been working with us since January 1 with the updated permit regulations. These efforts are keeping our citizens safe by insuring that licensed and bonded professionals are conducting the work. The City employees have worked hard to make this process as easy as possible for anyone to utilize.  Special accommodations are being made while City Hall is closed to public traffic during this pandemic. We encourage any contractor to be in touch with the City to make sure all Ordinances are being followed that relate to their field of work and to avoid citations and fines. 
My sincere sympathy for Mayor McCormick’s family. I didn’t know him well, but anyone who seeks to help his community has my respect. 
That is also how I feel about the ladies and gentlemen who work for you, taking care of your city.  There have been many changes in their last year. They have taught me how the city operates. They have pleasantly dealt with changes I’ve made and guided me gently when the ideas were just not practical. 
In the last few weeks, they’ve eagerly changed their schedules to accommodate Covid-19. They’ve done this in an attempt to keep enough of us healthy to assure your services continue. Then we had the third storm in a year that again, destroyed so much of our city.  
These folks, your employees, stepped up to the plate again. They have worked many, many hours keeping your water wells operating when there was no power. They continued taking generators to lift stations everyday pumping them because there was no electricity. They did those things while cutting trees out of your streets and loading those tree parts into trailers and hauling it off just to return to the same site to do the same thing. This continued for two weeks. 
They still have tree limbs and parts of tree trunks to haul off. This is not easy work. Its muscle stretching, skin tearing, back breaking work. They continued to pick up trash without missing a beat, even when a garbage truck needed repair in the middle of the day. They volunteered to work extra hours because they understand the job can’t be done in 24 hours and they understand it takes many of them working TOGETHER to get the job done. 
They entertained the needs of insurance companies while trees leaned precariously on the structures being viewed. They fixed water leaks in between cutting trees out of streets. Your employees showed up every day and did their jobs without complaining and some had serious damage to their own personal properties. 
Our citizens should know that the employees of The City of Monticello ROCK! These men and women are dedicated, selfless, smart, and the hardest working people I have ever known.  I am proud of them and you should be too. Our employees can’t receive gifts from our citizens, it’s against policy, but they can take kind words and waves and smiles. Let them know that you appreciate what they do too. 
City Council meetings are taking place via ZOOM until it is safe for us to gather together. These meetings are being streamed live to our Facebook page, Monticello, the Heartbeat of Southeast Arkansas. “Like” and “Follow” that page to stay up to date on what is happening in your city.

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