What does love mean to you?

Pre-K & 2nd Grade students, The Woods of Monticello Health residents respond

Editor’s Note: Love is defined by Mirriam-Webster dictionary as  “(noun ): an assurance of affection.” Along with that definition is a plethora of other entries. Poets and writers have been trying to accurately describe love for centuries. However, love is a slippery word that is hard to define and means many things to many different people. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with Delta Counseling and asked Pre-K and second grade students, along with residents of The Woods of Monticello Health and Rehabilitation what love means to them. Whatever love means to you, we hope that your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and affection from those you hold dear. Happy Valentine’s Day!


It means you love people. Like I helped my mom find her phone.

- Princess, age 4

That I can hug and kiss my momma and she makes waffles for me.

- Emmett, age 4

I love my Poppa and my family. It means I brush my teeth because I love my teeth.

- Clarity, age 5

It means that my daddy hugs me every night and it makes me feel better. He gives me kisses and lets me watch tv.

- Kolby, age 4

It means that I love somebody and celebrate Valentine’s Day. I love everybody!

- Haddie, age 4

To me love is sleep. Love is when I hug my mom.

- Joshua, age 4

Love is my mom. My mom loves me and so does my dad. He is chance.

- Trapper, age 4

Makes me feel something. When somebody loves you, you love back.

- Raylon, age 5

When someone says nice things to you!

- Olivia, age 5

It means a hug. I love my mom because she’s pretty!

- Kayleigh, age 5

Happy, exciting, it makes me feel proud!

- Adah, age 5

Being nice and giving hugs to my momma and daddy.

- Alyson, age 4

Love means my momma because she is nice.

- Jaydyn, age 4

Love means we love our moms and dads.

- Isaiah, age 5

Love means we love everything you like.

- Kori-Jean, age 5

Love means I love somebody.

- Ryan, age 4

Means I love you.

- Wyatt, age 3

I love that my mom cooks for me.

- Durgin, age 4

You’re my best friend ever is what love means.

- Luke, age 5

I make my momma a Valentine’s card and a unicorn.

- Summer, age 4

To give hugs and love them to the moon.

- Alex, age 5

Giving my momma hugs.

- Braylin

It means that I love you.

- Lily, age 5

It means that I love my mama and my daddy too.

- Korbyn, age 4

It means that I love my mama and daddy and sisters.

- Maverick, age 4

It means watching valentines on my tablet.

- Samiaa, age 5

It means that I love my puppy, kitty, and my mama and daddy and sisters and brothers.

- Belle, age 5

It means hearts and feelings and best friends. It means valentines.

- Curtis, age 5

It makes me super happy. It’s niceness.

- Nate, age 5

I love my mom and Nonnie. I love my dad. It makes me feel good.

- Kole, age 4

When I go to bed, I give my mommy and daddy a hug and a kiss. They read me a bedtime story.

- Rhett, age 4

It means being with daddy- he gives me things.

- Bridges, age 5

I love my mommy and daddy, my brother, and my dogs, and my friends.

- Lily, age 5

I love mama, daddy, and my brother. I love my kitty.

- Ellisyn, age 4

It means me, and Nana and Papaw!

- Bodie, age 5

My mama! I love my mom because she is nice.

- Jarius, age 5

It means sweet, nice. I love my mom!

- Timber, age 5

It means that you have family and friends that love you!

- Madison, age 5

It means Jesus & family!

- Tate, age 4

Jesus and God and our parents.

- Blaike, age 3

It means you give people hugs!

- Finn, age 5

It means you take care of people & love them & hug them!

- Alex

A hug.

- Maggie, age 4

It means you give a hug!

- Zeke, age 4

I love you!

- Winnie, age 5

It means I love you!

- Zach, age 5

Somebody is nice to me!

- Legacy, age 4

It means you give somebody a hug!

- Silas, age 4

It means you like someone.

- Beckett, age 5

My mama is sweet to me!

- Shiloh, age 5

It means a hug!

- Cash, age 5

Love means daddy & I like you.

- Lyle, age 3

Love means love and to be nice.

- Mason, age 4

Love is good.

- K.J., age 5

You love somebody and see someone you want to love you. My bird loves me.

- Everett, age 4

Love means my mama takes care of me.

- Austyn, age 4

Everytime I go do stuff I miss my mom.

- Boone, age 4

Love means I like something. I love my mom.

- Sam, age 5

I love my momma! Love is my momma.

- Wyatt, age 4

Love means that you love people. I love my Daddy and Justin and Momma. Also my PawPaw and Pop.

- Case, age 4

My mom, my daddy, and my great grandma.

- Giselle, age 5

I love my Mom and Dad.

- Reagan, age 5

My puppy, my mom and my dad.

- Gabriella, age 4




- Patricia, age 71

Love means a lot to me. It makes me happy. Love does not let you go around hating people.

- Clara, age 96

Strong feelings for another person.

- Yvonne, age 74

Being pretty.

- Mary, age 91

Caring about somebody or something.

- Leo, age 79

God. He loves everybody regardless of our faults. Unconditionally love.

- Pearlie, age 75

Caring about somebody/companionship.

- Carolyn, age 69

“A whole lot”. I love my kids, grandchildren, friends, I love family and being happy.

- Frances, age 89

Most important thing there is, family, my husband.

- Lois, no age given

Love is everything - love to eat, love to go to church.

- Monzella, age 91

Love is life; Love is everything.

- Ella, age 98

Warm happy feelings, security, family.

- Sally, age 84

Family, friends, without those we wouldn’t have love.

- Christine, age 90

Family, my kids, they mean the most to me.

- Molly, no age given

Family (my niece).

- Joyce, age 90

My kids and great food, respect.

- Joy, age 78

Love of God and my family.

- Minnie, age 81



Love means giving to me. Giving is nice to me. Giving is in me forgive my family

-Emma age 7

Love means joy to me. Joy makes me happy. Joy makes me fell kindness in me and it makes me feel joy.

-Leah, age 8

Love means forgiveness to me. Forgiveness means where you believe in someone a lot. I forgive my family.

-Bay, age 7

Being thankful and being good to each other and to love each utter.

- Jeorgia, age 7

Love means yo care abawt swumwen.

- Matthew, age 7

To be kind and be happ helpful, grateful, to be kind to your brothre.

- Haylee, age 8

Love is kindness being happy. Being great full, helpful, and it makes you laugh.

- Joey, age 7


being happy



- Ezbeida, age 7



- Kevin, age 8

Love is kindness. being grateful with the thing you have.

-Vanessa, age 7

Gratfl, Kindness, Being happy helpful sharing.

- Eryn, age 7

Love is kindness. Love is happenes. Love is grattfulnes. Love is helpful.

- Sutton

Love maders. Love your friends. Be loved. Love yore teacher. I love Miss Taiare. Love th other techers.

- Brandn, age 8

Love means sharing someone.

- Tegan, age 8

Love means you care about someone, sharing, not lonely, believer, family, kindness.

- Jon David, age 8

Love means sticking whith family. it also means kind, sweet, and nice, and stiking with true friends.

- Stephanie, age 8

Family Fres. Sumthing that you love. You’r mom, dad, your sestr, you’r dog, you’r bruthr.

- Braylie Jo, age 8

Love means sharing with your family.

- Slayde, age 8

Famly, be kindness, be kind to others.

- Hunter, age 8

Being happy with the person your with. Being kind to your loved one.

- KhyJai, age 8

Love means being kind to your family and showing kindness. Being helpful to others and being grateful.

-Marissa, age 8

Kindness it mess that shose being happy and grateful to.

- Max

I love to be happy and I love my mom and dad and my sister and my brother. Love my family and my dogs. love my life it is so grate.

- Easton, age 8

Be in with kindness. Dow be a helpful.

- Alexandra, age 8

Love means family to me. Family is the world to me. Family makes me happy. Family is the best.

-Aria, age 8

Love means kindness to. Kindness means sweet to me. Kindness means nice to me. Kindness means helpful to me.

- Kennedy, age 7

Love means family. Family means the world to me. I love my family friends and more.

- Asher, age 8

Love means family to me. Family makes me fils happy. Family is wolde to me. Family away makes me happy.

- Karoline, age 8

Love means you show you care and you love someone and you bleive in someone and not being mean to someone.

- Camden, 7

That means to believe to someone to all people.

- Yandel, age 8

Love means happiness to me. Happiness make people fill love. Love means happiness to family. Happness makes love.

- Ilya, age 8

Love means femle to me. female means the world to me. I love my fredse and cusins. I feel love when canis to me when you can sis to somebody. They when be cans is to you.

- Edden, age 7

Love means happiness to me. My family makes me fell happy. happiness means the world.

- Liam, age 8


- Scott, age 7

Love means that we care abot are family and we can’t keep love to arself and we have to use are love.

- MyKaylynn, age 7

Love means you car in stuff. But the real key is love and love is the key to evrething but things go bad sometimes and we fix it.

- Nigel, age 8

Love means I’m not lonely like I waz before I got frends.

- Zoey, age 7

Love means joy to me. Joy means love to my family. Joy means the world to me. I love the world.

- Taelyn, age 7

Love means joy to me. Joy makes people happy. Love is great it makes me happy. Joy is everything to me.

- Matthew, age 8

Love means joyful to me. joyful means to me is great. Joyful loves us. Joyful is in everybody.

- William, age 7

Love means kindness to me. Kindness makes people happy. Kindness makes people feel nice. Kindness makes people feel joy.

- Xander, age 8

Love means kindness. Like me in my heart. I’m kind to everyone.

- Addison, age 8

Love means kindness to me. Kindness makes me feel happy. I think everybody should be kind. What does love mean to you?

- Finn, age 8

Love means joy to me. Joy is in me. Joy should be in this world. Joy is everything to me.

- Keely, age 8

Love means famley to me. Famley means the world to me. Famley is the beast. Famley is kind.

- Destynee, age 8

Love means famly to me. Family means the world to me. Famly is in my hart. Pepple with sweet harts are my famly.

- Lillian, age 7

Love means kindness to me. Kindness makes us feel happy. Love and kindness together is wonderful. Love leeds to kindness and thats good.

- Rowdy, age 8

I love to help my dad. And I love to help my brother and my mom. And I love them and my freinds to.

- James, age 7

Love is kindness. being happy to other in grateful to the stff you have being kind to your friend. end a the store.

- Synrere, age 8

Live, laugh and love. Family, Pray, be happy.

- Nathan, age 8

Be kind and nice and gratful and gratful to your mom and your dad.

- Gavin, age 8

You be kind. You kiss. ... Say sorry win throws a fit, and love eachyther.

- Willow, age 8

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