School board praises MHS staff's handling of lockdown situation

Monticello School Board president Lee Busby, speaking on behalf of the school board Tuesday night, complimented the Monticello High School staff on its handling of a recent situation at the high school.

On February 6, high school officials conducted a lockdown and search following high school principal Kenny Pennington's concern about disagreements among some students earlier in the week.

Calling it "administrative intuition," Superintendent Bobby Harper said Pennington called him the night before the lockdown and asked if he believed, as a precautionary measure, a lockdown and search would be appropriate. Harper agreed that it would.

A few knives were recovered during the search, according to Harper.

Some were turned in before the search and some were found during the search, he said.

"I want to compliment teachers, principals, and the resource officers over at the high school on the situation we had a couple of weeks ago," Busby said at the Tuesday night board meeting.

"I think it was handled very professionally and I think they did a very good job nipping some things in the bud," Busby said. "And I'd like to assure (resource officer) Mr. Strain and the two assistant principals that they handled that situation very very well; that's why we have them there. I think the state commented on what they had done there."

"And you did a good job reporting it," Superintendent Bobby Harper told reporter from The Advance.

"You sure did and we appreciate it because all it takes is one or two things to be wrong and it blows up," Busby added.

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