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<strong>Received August 17</strong>

My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart. - Psalms 7:10.

Bro. Hurley James Mack passed away August 12 and was funeralized August 15 at Gethsemane AME Church in Cominto. He was laid to rest at Gethsemane AME Cemetery. He leaves to mourn his passing daughter Wafer Lee Canada and four grandchildren.

Mae Cavaness attended services at Brooks Chapel MBC Sunday morning. Rev. Curtis Jackson is pastor. His text was taken from I Timothy 4:12, and his subject was "Just Do It." The service was enjoyed by all. There were many visitors from Crossett.

Sunday evening, Mae Cavaness accompanied the Brooks Chapel church family to Promise Land MBC in Lacey, where Rev. Olderns McQuay is pastor. The guest speaker was Rev. Blackmon and the St. Andrews MBC of Arkansas City. His text was taken from Act 12:1-5, and his subject was "Preach the Word." The choir sang songs of inspiration.

Calvin Lambert attended services at Oak Grove MBC in Winchester, where Rev. Marvin Ashford is pastor. Rev. Ashford was very happy to see Calvin. They went to school together.

Revival will be held at Gethsemane MBC, where Rev. Loggins is pastor, August 17-19.

Prayers for Rev. Sam Wherry, who is a patient at JRMC in Pine Bluff.

Brooks Chapel will have revival September 7-12. Everyone is welcome.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.

Received August 11

Because they lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee - Psalms 63:3.

Services at Gethsemane MBC, where Rev. Loggins is pastor, were very spiritual. The Sunday school lesson was well-taught by Mrs. Loggins. The subject was "Dissatisfaction Leads to Rebellion," taken from Numbers 14:1-12. Rev. Ronald Woodard preached a very inspiring sermon taken from Acts 12:1-5. His subject was "The Church Must Be Born Again."

Happy belated birthday to Virgie Haynes August 7.

Services at First Baptist Church of Lacey were very moving. Margaret Ridgell and Sis. Estella Green attended. Rev. James Simpson is pastor.

Mae Cavaness and Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Ashford drove to Crossett to visit Maurice Ashford at the Ashley County Medical Center. Maurice is Marvin's father and Mae's brother. He is doing some better.

Happy to hear that Rev. Sam Wherry is some better. Sam is the son of Julius and Lillie Wherry. He is a patient at Jefferson Regional Medical Center.

The installation service for Rev. Marvin Ashford was held August 2 at Oak Grove MBC in Winchester. Rev. D.J. Buffington was the guest speaker .

There will be a cemetery meeting for Union Ridge II Cemetery at noon August 22 at Gethsemane MBC. President Melvin Veasey, vice president Laverne Fisher and treasurer Mae Cavaness ask everyone connected with the cemetery to attend. There will be a fish fry and everyone is invited to attend.

Happy to hear that Linda Jordan and Verda Fisher are doing much better.

Pauline Bealer is a patient in the hospital. Hope she will soon be well. We are praying much for her.

Rev. Marvin Ashford and Oak Grove MBC of Winchester will be in revival the first of September. Rev. Graylin Wilson will be the guest speaker.

DD and Adrya spent the weekend with their father in Warren.

Mae Cavaness talked by phone with her niece, Dorothy Wilson of San Francisco, Calif.

Gracie Railey of Winchester attended the wedding of her niece in Atlanta, Ga. She said it was a beautiful wedding.

Have a blessed week.

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