Wildfire rages, threatens Wilmar community

A wildfire that began Thursday afternoon in Drew County just west of Monticello near the small community of Wilmar continues to rage into the evening hours.

Joined by representatives from the Drew County Sheriff's Department, multiple other community fire departments and the Arkansas Forestry Commission, the Monticello Fire Department has been on scene in an attempt to control the blaze.

Although no official report has been made at this time, a source close to the situation has said that the fire has jumped multiple attempts at containment and as it moves closer to Wilmar, some residents have already been evacuated. That same source also told The Advance Monticellonian that if the fire were to cross over Alice Road that more residents would have to be removed.

During the fight, local and state authorities have had to close portions of Highway 278 West, Tennessee Spur and several more roads to ensure the public's safety.

The Advance Monticellonian will continue to follow the situation as it unfolds.

<p>Flames from Thursday afternoon's wildfire can be seen covering the tops of trees as the blaze continues to move east toward the Wilmar Community. This photo was taken from Highway 278 West at the intersection of Highway 35. The blaze is shown burning just behind the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Facility grounds.</p>

<p>Plumes of smoke rise high above the skyline and could be seen for mile around Thursday afternoon as a wildfire raged just west of Monticello threatening the Wilmar community.</p>


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